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Discord Rules & FAQ

Our Missions:

To provide a platform to quickly and efficiently share open source intelligence. To help facilitate easy access to accurate information that would otherwise be unavailable to the general community due to its obscurity, or because it is hidden behind misinformation.


No offensive messages or nicknames
Anything that a reasonable person might find offensive.
NOTE:This include derogatory slurs, regardless of your own race, gender, or sexuality

No harassment
Including sexual harassment or encouraging of harassment

Previous Rule Note:

  • this includes symbols used for racial superiority in a non news worthy context (hitler memes, nazi symbols in profile pic)
  • this includes threats of violence (threatening to ‘bash the fash’ out of someone, call to arms against ‘antifa’)
  • jokes, memes, posts, targeted to get a rise out of someone over their gender, religion, or political views

No spam
This includes but is not limited to, loud/obnoxious noises in voice, @mention spam, character spam, image spam, and message spam

No Gorey or Sexual Content
Screamer links, porn, nudity, death
NOTE: War footage is fine, but notify other users in the channel and respect requests to not post it

No Ban Evading
Using alt accounts, or otherwise trying to bypass a ban will result in a permanent ban

No Advertising
Other Discord Servers, Products, Services, etc.

No LARP’ing
If you’re here to pretend to be a rocket propelled unicorn who knows the secret password to make Atlantis rise from the depths of the ocean, please go do that and don’t waste your time trying to do it here.

Respect Others and their Opinions
Others and their opinions are not to be demeaned, disrespected, or trolled. This is a matter treatment and not any basis of moral equivalency from any specific school of thought.
Choice of identity, attraction and all identifiers of an individual are to be respected.
Religions are different and all are respected as basis of beliefs. There will be no ‘because Islam’ or ‘because Christianity’ responses in reference to an action.
We all recognize that they are motivators of people who need an excuse to commit horror, but they are not the origin of the action.

Respect Channel Topics
Keep conversations in channels directly related to the topics of said channels

Keep conversations in English No mini-modding
Moderators are here for a reason. If you have a concern bring it to a moderators attention to resolve instead of trying to solve it yourself

Do Not Suggest Changing Sirens or Globe Color
Moderators and staff follow a specific protocol on these changes. The decision to change these is for moderators and staff to make only.

Keep Speculative Comments and Conversations out of Operation Channels
Operation channels are for tracking known facts of what is occurring, speculative comments and conversations can lead to ‘false truths’ being created Keep these conversations in #geopolitical-speculation

Political Conversations
Keep political discussion and debates to the #debate-room

No Doom Porn
Doom porn, (wishing for a war, etc.) as well as completely unreliable links and information are prohibited here.

No Mass Tagging
Don’t @mention the Moderator, OP, Technical Support, or any other role unless there is a true emergency (spammers, debate getting out of control, etc.) and there are no staff members around, please mention a moderator or 2 before tagging all users within the role. Abuse of tagging whole roles will result in punishment.

Do not quote a blacklisted Twitter account or website.
Accounts and websites that are on the blacklist are there for a reason. Do not post them in our channels.

Because moderators and other users may want to tag you in order to continue a conversation, usernames must be easily tag-able.

In the event that a username isn’t easily tagged a moderator or administrator may change your name in such a way to try and maintain the name while making the username easily tagged.

Generally, moderators will send you a message about this change, and request that you update it accordingly but in some cases they may modify it without informing you.

There may be situations not covered by the rules or times where the rule may not fit the situation.
If this happens the moderators are trusted to handle the situation appropriately. If you have a complaint about a staff member you may submit the complaint here:

Do not ping @ mention staff roles
If there are no staff members around, please mention a moderator or 2 before tagging all users within the role
Exception: true emergency (spammers, debate getting out of control, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Single civilian event such as mass casualty or high police response. Or, sporadic kinetic events, 1-3 events per hour; lasting no longer than 12 hours before decrease, dependent on event.

Sustained kinetic event, multiple occurrences per hour; arbitrary timelines established; potential for significant actions in next 24 hours, decreases after 12 hours if no event

Significant kinetic event increasing from :rotating_light::rotating_light:; full mobilizations; established deadlines by heads of state/governments; ultimatums like ‘shock and awe,’ not ‘this is your red line.’

It’s the happening con, here’s what the different colors mean:

Things are relatively quiet for the time being. This doesn’t mean the world is at peace, just that it is functioning in the general way we see as normal.

There are events occurring of a significant nature that you can peruse or be a part of discussing should you wish. Every pair of eyes and ears means another brain behind them to confirm, deny, and share. When we post updates, you are a part of that.

Multiple serious events are happening in the world which are vastly being monitored.
This is used when climax has not reached full potential yet, but, the events that occur form a major concern towards the worlds health in all its forms.
The orange globe was added in October 2020 and is the first change to the globe system since its creation.

A significant event is occurring in real time with major actions. This is when you want to be here.

Server owners/operators, contact them if you have a complaint about a moderator or the server in general.

Technical Support
Helps with website, Twitter, Server, Discord management and Technical Issues

Peacekeepers of the server, these are the people you want to bother if someone is targeting you, or if you feel like someone is harassing you, or if you have questions about something.

News Contributors
People who we feel contribute regularly and provide quality information.

Sky Watchers
People who are interested in and mostly focus on ADS-B and other flight tracking websites and software.

Team Koreas
People who are interested in and mostly focus on news from North Korea, South Korea, Japan, etc.
Team Ukraine/Russia
People who are interested in and mostly focus on news from Ukraine and Russia
Team Israel/Gaza
People who are interested in and mostly focus on news from Israel and Gaza
Team Middle East
People who are interested in and mostly focus on news from countries in the Middle East (India, Pakistan, Iran, etc.)
Team Syria
People who are interested in and mostly focus on news from Syria
Team China
People who are interested in and mostly focus on news from China
Weather Team
People who mainly post about weather in #weather-chat

If you want to join ANY of these teams, (including Sky Watchers) please submit a request:

News, world events, global and regional conflicts, and other ‘happenings’ attracts a very wide and globally diverse crowd, many of whom are actively contributing to the intelligence gathering needed on the ground. While we wont ban anyone for a mildly spicy Rare Pepe, we do understand that given the nature of the audience and the events at hand, conversations and discourse can rapidly break down into a flame war and tarnish or breakup the community all together. We ask that if you’re here for the memes, that you check other Discord servers and image boards.

On the contrary, most of the staff originally got together over the SkyKang threads on 4chan. Some of us even check out happening threads on some image boards time to time. What we at GNW take issue with is some of the reactionary posting and childish hot takes that distract from our mission statement. If you want to share this community with your favorite image board, that is perfectly fine. If you want to post a rare Spurdo that doesn’t violate the rules, then more power to you. If you want to discuss how ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ or how George Soros is paying the moderation team to spread Jewish propaganda, then save us a ban and leave.

We keep dorn porn, satire, frequently wrong accounts, and those who rush to be the first on a blacklist, whenever the account or website link is posted it is automatically deleted, if you post it 3 times then you will end up muted for 10 minutes. Here is the list of accounts currently on the blacklist:


Last Updated: 12OCT2020