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Hurricane Season 2018…

Hello everyone! This is Welge from the GlobalNews.WatchWeather Team with a special post. This year has been crazy with 15 names storms, 2 of those being major hurricanes, and $33.3 Billion in damages.
The weather team honestly had their hands tied this year with only 2 members.We would like to extend a thank you to all who helped us monitor the major storms of the year.

Hurricane Florence was one of two devastating storms this season with the winds clocking in at 140 MPH this storm dropped 35.93 inches of rain. Florence is responsible for causing $17.9 billion in damages and 53 deaths.

The most powerful storm of the season was Michael with many considering it to be the most powerful storm in history. Michael hit the United States as category 4 storm and had winds peaking at 155 MPH. Michael broke the storm pressure record with a whopping 919 MBAR. Michael caused a total of $15 Billion in damages and caused 60 deaths. Michael is also known for wiping Mexico Beach, Florida off the map with its 135 MPH winds and 14FT storm surge. Tyndall AFB also had a direct eyewall hit with all forests in the area being flattened and every building on base sustaining damages.

That’s a wrap folks! Please look out for our post in the digest and if you would like to become a weather of the member team please let a moderator know.