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Twitter Attacks OSINT

We have been monitoring the growing concern of twitter suspending and banning OSINT accounts on twitter. Some of the accounts we have been monitoring have been reinstated, but this morning we found out that several accounts were suspended and provided with no warning or message about the suspension.

From our current understanding we believe that there is a Non-US country that has been requesting these accounts be suspended.

Based on Twitters own website we are further led to believe that Twitter is receiving sealed court orders as these accounts received no communication from twitter prior to their suspension.

"Transparency is vital to protecting freedom of expression, so we have a notice policy for withheld content. Upon receipt of requests to withhold content, we will promptly notify affected users unless we are prohibited from doing so (e.g., if we receive a court order under seal). We also clearly indicate within the product when content has been withheld and publish requests to withhold content on Lumen—unless, similar to our practice of notifying users, we are prohibited from doing so."
"We continue to work towards further transparency when we remove Tweets for legal reasons. We submit all copyright removal notices to @chillingeffects and they are now Tweeting them from @ChillFirehose. We will continue to increase our transparency in this area and encourage you to let us know if you think we have not met our aspirations with regard to your freedom of expression."

The OSINT community needs to stand together during these times on censorship. We at GlobalNews.Watch would like to invite any OSINT account that has been suspended to reach out to us and provide a copy of the communications they received from twitter so we can maintain a public list of who and why accounts were suspended from the OSINT community.

We would also like to offer these accounts access to publish content on our site to enable them to continue to reach out to their supporters via a communication method that will not cause possible problems by having a second account on twitter.

We also encourage Twitter to provide clarification as to why accounts are being suspended, especially with no prior notice. And provide the OSINT community a set of guidelines that we can follow as it is becoming clear that we have to follow more rules than what has been stated in your Terms of Service.


Possible Source of Issues

We believe that this article is behind the suspension of many accounts.

Having worked with several of these accounts, and the people actually behind them, we can confirm that they are not working with Retired Pakistan Intelligence officers.

This is clearly an attack on these individuals and groups, and shows how easily False & Fake information is being used to harm the OSINT Community.

Status Of Accounts

beepdelete - Suspended

Suspended for Unknown Reasons at this time.

kashmirintel - Suspended

Suspended for Unknown Reasons at this time.

ELINTNews - Unsuspended

Suspended due to Violation of Indian Law

IntelCrab - Unsuspended

Suspended due to: Supposed “Overlapping accounts”, “Cross posting from these accounts”, “Aggressive following from automated means”

Intellipus - Unsuspended

We will work to keep this page updated as we learn more information from these accounts.