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Clarification For Transparency

We at GlobalNews.Watch aim to provide a community that revolves around fact based discussions on events happening around the world. We prefer discussions based on facts and confirmed sources over discussions based on opinions and unconfirmed reports.

GlobalNews.Watch has a limited tolerance for trolls, doom porn, and hyping events in order to gather a larger following. Our primary focus is on following news in the most factual manner possible and our last priority is having the largest number of readers, followers, or community.

It has recently come to our attention that there is another community being formed by previous members of our moderation and staff teams.

While we applaud their goal of having the largest community, and “destroying GlobalNews.Watch”, we want to reassure our followers, and community members that we will not be part of any drama or attempt to destroy any other communities.

We would like to encourage our members and followers to seek out the community that they feel is the best possible fit for their needs. Even in the event that community is not ours.

We firmly believe that users should have the choice to select the community and moderation team that best fits their needs.

Our moderation and staff team have been directed to remain neutral and not encourage any infighting or “dirty play”.

If it is brought to our attention that any of our users try to draw focus away from fact based news and into petty arguments with other communities we will handle that user accordingly to ensure news stays the primary focus of our community.

This has been posted due to users trying to impersonate members of our Admin Team.

We at GlobalNews.Watch will not partake in any fights with other communities, and welcome our users, followers, and community to check out this other community to see if they believe it fits their needs.

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